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At Copeland, Covert & Smith, PLLC, we offer experienced, reputable litigation and appellate services backed by years of beneficial verdicts in courts throughout Florida. Our litigators’ primary areas of focus are estate administration, trust administration and probate, but we also regularly handle cases involving real estate and contract disputes. If you have a legal ruling that you do not agree with or that is under challenge, we can either file an appeal or defend the court’s ruling upon appeal.

Handling A Broad Range Of Estate And Contract Disputes

Disputes often arise during the estate administration, trust administration and probate processes. As a reputable litigation team that has handled thousands of trials, we are more than capable of fighting for you in court. Some of the cases we handle most often include:

  • Fiduciary litigation: A fiduciary refers to someone who has an obligation to act in the best interests of the person they are serving. Breach of fiduciary duty means that the fiduciary fails to uphold this responsibility. Examples of Fiduciary litigation include trust, guardianship, and probate situations. We have the skills and can help litigate these critical issues.
  • Real estate contracts: Contract disputes are one of the most common reasons for real estate lawsuits. They could arise from the interpretation of a contract’s language or one party failing to uphold its end of the contract.

We also litigate many disputes involving:

  • Undue influence
  • Lack of capacity
  • The existence of more than one will
  • Second marriages
  • Step-children’s inheritances
  • Valuation of assets

When it comes to litigation, our goal is to do what is right by the decedent while also advocating for your best interests. We strive to resolve the dispute quickly without draining the estate’s resources. Whenever possible, we examine alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Experienced Resolving Family Conflicts

Having handled thousands of conflicts, we have seen our fair share of complex family dynamics. We do what we can to ease tensions, repair fractured relationships and keep your family whole, all while protecting your rights. You can expect a sensitive, respectful dynamic from our team.

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